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Check out a couple of excellent demos for the De La Riva!

We welcomed 2019 in a big way.

Now the pre-orders are shipped, and current orders are flying out the doors.

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Game Changer

Introducing The De La Riva BM20-ULTRA

Make a pedal as unique as you are.
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A good pedal is more than an effect. A good pedal can inspire creativity, change the style of the player, and shape the attitude of the song it lies within. Effects can be important.

As musicians we become attached to our pieces of gear and often begin to think of them as extensions of our instrument. Some of us can carry a fondness for them that gives them an almost lifelike presence in our minds. We will fiercely defend them in conversation, and feel a loyalty to them that can only compare to that of a friend. 

Crazy? Its just a box full of electronic components after all. Maybe it is crazy, but for many musicians, this is no exaggeration.

Here at Wren and Cuff we get it. We know the excitement of seeing that little square UPS box on the doorstep. We know the thrill of walking into your local shop, plugging in, and discovering that the sound you're hearing from the amp is the same as the sound you've been hearing in your head for so long, and we know that your effects matter.

We want to create that experience for you.

Each pedal is made in our small shop on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Every component on the circuit board has been loaded by hand, every pedal assembled by hand, and every Wren and Cuff pedal comes with a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty.

Quality, reliability, and tone. This is Wren and Cuff.

J Mascis - Dinosaur Jr

J Mascis - Dinosaur Jr


With nearly all of our dealers having a brick and mortar shop, there's a chance there's one near you. Support us, and support a local shop!

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